No other method of gauging precision bores can match air gauging for speed, accuracy and ease of use. And no other air gauging can match MERCER - a name known throughout the world for quality and reliability. Add the respected expertise of our technical representatives and you're assured of practical solutions to your production bore measuring problems.

Only MERCER air gauging offers you so many choices. You can plug your tooling into a standard air gauging unit (See right) for a self-contained package. Or you can use a converter and read the dimensions off electronic indicators or column gauges. Alternatively, you can use a converter to send the readings straight into your computer system. The choice is yours from the many MERCER options available.
MERCER "Clearline" Air Gauges are available in a number of single or dual-scale models. They feature large easy-to-read dials with fast response and stable readings. Multi-channel models are also available.

Versatile MERCER air plug gauges or air ring gauges can be attached directly to the Clearline unit or via a flexible hose. Tooling can be supplied to measure one or more dimensions simultaneously.

This air/electronic converter enables you to use MERCER air plug or ring gauges with electronic indicators or columns. It also enables you to connect directly to a computer.