The Dimensional Masters shown here are designed to make calibration of hand tools simple and fast. Additional models are available for vernier calipers, depth micrometers and of course, we are prepared to produce masters for your specific needs.



Outside micrometer calibration was never easier. Simply measure the precision diameters on this master and compare your results with the report from our calibration laboratory. 0-1" and 0-25mm models are made from hardened stainless steel.



These hardened tool steel masters are used for outside micrometers in the 1-2", 2-3" and the 25-50mm and 50-75mm ranges. They provide a number of reference diameters within the range of each tool so you get an accurate picture of your micrometer's capabilities.

1-2", 2-3"

The Opti-Master © is a unique product designed for fast optical comparator calibration. It can be used for horizontal or vertical travel and includes features such as angles, holes and centre-distances to ensure the many features of your display package are working properly. All features provide sharp images on the screen for repeatable results. The standard model covers 6" (150mm) of measuring range.