Canada's first and most experienced independent dimentional calibration facility


Frank Cox Metrology is accredited to ISO 17025 by The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation. A copy of our Scope of Accreditation outlines the calibration procedures covered by this recognition.
  • The first independent calibration facility in Canada. Over thirty-five years of experience means the people who are calibrating your gauges and instruments know what they are doing.

  • Our extensive stock of specialized masters and years of gaugemaking experience are unique. Gauge manufacturers and other laboratories send thread gauges to us for calibration because of this and our extensive knowledge in this specialized field.

  • Our primary standards are directly traceable to NIST which reduces our measurement uncertainty compared to labs who don't have direct traceability to a national standards laboratory.

Our gauge block calibration is so reliable, over a fifteen year period we have repeated measurements on masters within 2 millionths of an inch.

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