Deltronic Optical Comparators are made in the U.S.A. and feature rugged metal construction to complement their excellent optical characteristics. These Comparators provide optimum accuracy. And with three measuring system options plus automated measuring option- the utmost versatility.

Standard Features:
  • Adjustable helix stage
  • Bayonet lens mount
  • Crossed roller bearings
  • Quick release "X" travel
  • Erect Image
  • 6" x 10" stage travel
  • Rotating chart clips

    Options Available:

  • Automated Measurement System
  • Motorized lens focus
  • Swing-clear lamp house for viewing ends of long parts
  • Fiber-optic surface illumination
  • 6" x 18" stage travel
  • Automatic edge sensing

14" and 24" vertical type comparators plus video systems. Call us for literature on the full range of Deltronic optical measuring systems.








This is the most popular Deltronic comparator. Its 16" digital protractor screen is mounted into a compact bench-top instrument featuring high accuracy and brilliant, crisp images.