Our manufacturing division (formerly known as Hilco Gauge) produces precision gauging products to suit special needs. Our gaugemakers are highly respected for the quality and accuracy of the gauges they produce - gauges that are now supplied to companies around the world.

Popular types of gauges we supply include:

  • Plain plug and ring gauges with pilots, steps and other features added.
  • Tapered plug and ring gauges as matched sets.
  • Special thread plug and ring gauges, concentricity gauges.
  • Single or multi-dimension gauging fixtures for use with air, electronic displays.
  • Special purpose setting masters.

The custom fixture pictured above quickly checks flatness on a range of parts - a low cost solution for a customer's problem. If you would like our specialists to quote on special gauges to suit your needs, send us component drawings and mark the feature(s) of concern. Also indicate whether you wish fixed limit gauging or actual values to be displayed etc.